TradeCryptoMasters.com_Is it legit or another scam broker??

As we know there is severel scam brokers that hided the owners identity to do thera scam easily. This is why we more care abot the owner identity and it is essential for all online companies too.

If you face with a company with hideded identity it is easy to call suspicious or even a scam.

Customers Review 

Always the negative or no review about a site is not a risk sign. Somtime it is more suspicious if a company has too much customers Reviews even with the positive results. We know there is only aaround one or two from 100 costumers that like to leave a review about a site. But if there is a young website with much positive Reviews it is really a risk sign that need to be cared. They may paid for reviews or the just left these reviews by their selfs to get customers trust. 

Web Traffic 

From our deeply evaluation, we found the tranko ranking of this is extremely low. It means this site do not have much visitors and it is low traffic for the site. As it is normal for new sites but if websites claims to be popular, this can be rised as a red flag.

Web Age

This website is registered recently.

The domain age of TradeCryptoMasters is too young. It is a high risk if we trust on a new company special with have much negative points mentioned above.

SSL Certificate 

Yes, wefound a valid Certificate for TradeCryptoMasters. It can be quite good but cannot guarantee the companies. Nowadays companies buy sites that already have certificates or they have a free one. This is the reason that we cannot rate hige a company with Certificate. 

How to contact them?

You can contact by;

  • AddressL4-E-2, Level 4, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil 57000 Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan
  • Country: Malaysia
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