Global Aid Club Collapsed! WHY? 2023

Global Aid Club, which was launched in 2023 and is a Ponzi scheme, news about its withdrawals has been published. We have learned that this platform has recently disabled its withdrawals and started to collapse.

 To know more, reasons and justifications for this big event for Global Aid Club, follow this post and learn more.


Get to know the Global Aid Club!

As we mentioned above, Global Aid Club is a Ponzi scheme that aims to invest in digital currency. This platform was newly registered in August 2023 and started working.

Andrew Colquhoun, from Britain, was one of the well-known figures involved. 

Marketing for Global Aid Club was set up by Andrew Colquhoun, who is also listed as the owner of the parent company. 

The owner and one of the well-known figures of this company is a British man named Andrew Colquhoun, who has done all the marketing solutions by this person. 

Bearing in mind the evidence of very big changes in this company, which has caused concern and concern for users, and everyone is left in deep doubt, which is: 

  • 1- Andrew Colquhoun’s departure from the company 
  • 2- The end of a smart contract with an extremely low level. 
  • 3- Blocking user withdrawals.

 Global aid club collapses! 

Recently, the collapse and bankruptcy of this company has reached everyone’s ears, and due to several reasons that we mentioned above, we can say with confidence that this company had a complete collapse. As Andrew Colquhoun has cut off all his relations with this company, it seems that this club has fallen and the reason could be the departure of operators or a pause in business.

 In addition, although this company claims that the low level of digital currency assets is profitable, we know that this is not a normal event for a company and is suspicious.

 “Stopping withdrawals due to defects”, “upgrading the system” and many other excuses for leaving the company are from the operators.

 Then what? 

You should know that if users completely leave this platform, the risk of losing their money will be very high. We advise users to withdraw their money as soon as possible to reduce the risk because the fall of this company is completely guaranteed.

 Although we gave you many warnings about Ponzi schemes, if you have already invested in them, the best thing for you is to be patient. 

Inform the local authority that supervises this type of business and try to withdraw your funds step by step.

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